An Engineer’s Hammer and Wrench on the Internet

For this post I am going to throw a curve-ball at all my readers and not write about software. Rather, I am going to share with you a website that I consider to be a hidden gem of the internet for engineers. That gem is... drum roll please… The Engineering Toolbox is an online … Continue reading An Engineer’s Hammer and Wrench on the Internet


Sample Content of Other Professional Writing

For this post, I wanted to take a moment and feature some of the my other professional writing that showcase my range and skill in creating written documents. Professional Writing: Managing the 2015 Volkswagen Emissions Scandal Adjustment Letter Positive Letter Technical Writing: Design of a Cheap Thermal Switch Design of a Wooden Pile-and-Plank Retaining Wall … Continue reading Sample Content of Other Professional Writing

The Scoop on ME’Scope

The one software that I had the pleasure of learning while in the field and never even heard of in college was ME’Scope by Vibrant Technology. Quite honestly, I am still a novice with the software and still need to hone my skills with it. That being said, the capabilities of ME’Scope are rather incredible … Continue reading The Scoop on ME’Scope

Programming – You Need to Know it (MatLab Focus)

Learning how to code is the one thing academically that I wish I learned earlier in life. In high school I had no idea about its functionality or uses and it was not until college that I learned what it really meant to program. I started very simple with HTML and Java then moved on … Continue reading Programming – You Need to Know it (MatLab Focus)

Learning Software & LabVIEW

Not only will I be covering a specific software later in this post, but I would first like to elaborate on different ways software knowledge is obtained. PART I - Learning If you read my post from several weeks ago, I compared Autodesk Inventor to Solidworks. My knowledge in both came from two different sources. … Continue reading Learning Software & LabVIEW